Terms and Conditions

Every Richter Picture Company engagement is subject to the following terms.
These terms also apply to freelance crew assignments accepted by Tyler Richter.


You may request a non-binding hold on any date that is available. A hold grants you the right of first refusal in the event of another offer, at which point you may confirm the date or release the hold. Confirming a production date commits you to the following terms and conditions, including potential cancellation fees.


If you cancel a confirmed booking within 48 hours (2 days) of the 6:00 AM on the first production day, you will pay all projected fees in full. If you cancel within 96 hours (4 days), two-thirds is due, and if you cancel within one week (7 days), one-third is due. Cancellations beyond one week may be re-booked without penalty. During periods of high market demand (destination sporting events, political conventions, etc.) a one-month cancellation contract will be in place.


We may send you a deal memo for freelance assignments accepted by Tyler Richter. This memo will confirm your booking and outline the agreed upon rates, responsibilities, and terms of the engagement.


Although a scope of work document may be provided to you, it is not a condition of any engagement. The scope of work and services or materials we provide may change during the course of our work with you. You or your representatives may change the scope of work at any time, in any manner. Your use of services or materials outside the scope of work constitutes your acceptance and purchase of those services or materials.


Invoices must be paid in full and upon receipt. 30 days after the invoice date, and every 30 days thereafter, a 3% finance charge will be applied to all unpaid balances.


Some projects may require a credit card deposit at the time of booking. Political clients are required to pay 100% of projected fees in advance.


A production day is 10 hours from port to port, including a lunch break. Lunch breaks are 30 minutes if they’re catered on location, or one hour if a “walk-away” lunch is required. A half-day is up to 5 hours port-to-port and must be agreed to in advance. Gear is billed by the full day only.


1.5 times the prevailing hourly rate applies 1) to the first 2 hours of production overtime, 2) to production or travel booked by the hour (two-hour minimum), 3) to jobs with a call time after 2PM or before 4AM, and 4) to any work inside a 10-hour turnaround between production days.

Double the prevailing hourly rate applies to overtime hours 2-4, and triple time applies to overtime beyond 4 hours.


Travel days are billed at two-thirds of the prevailing day rate. Travel & work on the same day requires the full day rate and is subject to overtime. You will pay all airfare, ground transportation, and lodging fees, including airline baggage fees. Richter Picture Company is eligible for airline media rates. Mileage will be billed at the current IRS business rate.


Per-diems are billed per meal, per travel day ($20 each for breakfast and lunch, $40 for dinner).


Richter Picture Company retains all rights and title to all raw footage and media produced by Richter Picture Company. Raw footage may be licensed for buyout at a fee determined by Richter Picture Company.


Richter Picture Company is not responsible for securing and archiving your footage and data beyond the delivery of your project. In other words, we might have the footage from that one shoot for that one thing last year, but don’t count on it. Raw footage may be licensed for buyout at a fee determined by Richter Picture Company.


You agree to indemnify and hold harmless Richter Picture Company, LLC against any and all claims, costs and expenses, including all legal fees, due to actions by you or your client, information provided by you or your client, or the use of materials requested by you or your client which exceed the uses allowed pursuant to a license, permission or release.


Richter Picture Company, LLC maintains $1,000,000 commercial liability coverage and $50,000 equipment loss coverage. You will be responsible for coverage that may be required in excess of these limits.