Tyler Richter
tyler @ richterpicture.com


All day rates cover 10 hours port-to-port.

Half-day rates may be negotiated upon request.

Rates subject to change without notice.


0-4 Hours Over 1.5x prevailing hourly rate
4-8 Hours Over 2.0x prevailing hourly rate
8+ Hours Over 3.0x prevailing hourly rate
Inside 10-hour Turnaround 1.5x prevailing hourly rate


A signed deal memo may be required to book production days.

A full production day is up to 10 hours port-to-port

> Includes lunch (half-hour on-site or 1-hour walkaway)

> Half-day: up to 5 hours port-to-port, must be pre-approved

Travel days are billed at 2/3 the prevailing day rate

> Travel & work on the same day requires full day rate

> Client will pay transportation, lodging, and per-diem

Mileage will be billed at the current IRS business rate

> Excludes local travel in 7-county Twin Cities metro

Special terms: 1.5x prevailing hourly rate applies:

> To jobs with a call time after 2PM or before 4AM

> To production or travel booked by the hour (2-hour minimum)

Richter Picture Co., LLC is fully insured

> $1,000,000 liability coverage

> Gear on the job & in transit

Gear is billed by the full day only

All invoices are due upon receipt

> 3% finance charge every 30 days

> New clients may be required to pay 50% up front

> Political jobs are required to pay 100% up front

If a booked job is cancelled:

> Within 2 days (48 hours) of 6:00 AM on shoot day: 100% due

> Within 4 days (96 hours) of 6:00 AM on shoot day: 2/3 due

> Within 1 week (7 days) of 6:00 AM on shoot day: 1/3 due

Additional terms & conditions may apply.

Please call for the latest information.